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What We Do

Our Unique Process

How do we fill the 550,000 employee gap with 160,000 degreed immigrants?

As of July 2020, a staggering 213,991 professional jobs were posted in our seven county region.

  • Prosperity Ready BUILDS a talent pipeline to identify, support, and move experienced professionals into jobs where they are needed. Sales, Operations, Administration, Information Technology and Finance to name a few.
  • Prosperity Ready helps employers CREATE an environment that empowers diverse talent.
  • Prosperity Ready supports employers to REMEDY the internal mindsets and policies that create barriers for immigrants.

We have re-engineered the immigrant employment life cycle to not only better prepare immigrants to prosper in the workplace, but to help employers create a working environment that retains skilled talent

We work with private, public and nonprofit partners to prepare and connect culturally diverse, ready-now talent with the workforce needs of employers by:

  • Matching skill sets and career interests with current job openings
  • Remediating complex applicant tracking systems
  • Partnering for creative transportation
  • Determining right fit benefits
  • Facilitating culture and change management

We serve all immigrants in the Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota region. Our partners include:

  • Immigrant settlement and integration agencies
  • Community leaders focused on immigrant support
  • Foundations focused on immigrant  support
  • Corporations hiring college educated professionals

Learn more about our pilot to test the re engineered immigrant employment life cycle.

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