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Anthony Perez

Anthony Perez

Anthony Perez is the Education Manager for Prosperity Ready. Anthony holds a degree in Psychology from Carroll University. He has held positions with Fortune 500 organizations including Wells Fargo, Wisconsin Electric, and MediaCom. His career experience includes training, business process improvement, corporate communications, customer service, and electronic data interchange. With over three years of experience in corporate training, Anthony possesses a keen ability to customize learning He brings great flexibility and agility to learning environments which enables him to adapt content and communications to achieve successful learner outcomes. He is known for his warm, kind, and affable professionalism, and is seen as a dependable team contributor. Anthony is conversant in Spanish.

Anthony is directly responsible for the design, development, and delivery of curriculum. He ensures that curriculum reflects the skills required for success in a given industry, and that content is worthy of certifications. Supporting the development of custom organization effectiveness programs to ensure hiring organizations are able to successfully receive ready now, diverse talent is a critical focus of his position. Monitoring program effectiveness and satisfaction is also a key part of the role. Additionally, Anthony provides IT and marketing support for the organization.  

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