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Thank you!

As a start up organization, Prosperity Ready is profoundly grateful for those who have so generously given of their precious time and incredible talents to help bring our mission to life! Thank you to the following individuals and organizations who have offered everything from advice, perspective, and encouragement; as well as the building out of infrastructure, marketing and strategy.

Anthony Perez

Samuel Farrand

Maureen Wheaton

Robert Jacobs

Lisa Rock

Kelly Stevens

Ed Hullsiek

John Henry Hullsiek

Nicole West

Carson Faust

Christine Strak

Father Dennis Dease

Kurtez Ellis

Conor O'Neil

Dina Simon

Luis Moreno

Steve Moss

The Social Good Fund


Hispanic Executive


Westwood Community Church

Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio

African Career, Education, and Resource Inc.

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