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Our Research

Minnesota is facing an astounding gap of 550,000 job openings by 2024 (that’s PRIOR to the pandemic). Minnesota desperately needs professionals in every key industry.

  • There are 160,000 degreed immigrant professionals living in Minnesota.
  • 81% of degreed foreign-born Minnesota professionals are underemployed.
  • People of color are among the hardest hit from job loss due to the pandemic.
  • As of July 2020, 213,991 professional jobs were posted in our seven-county region.
  • A staggering $5.1 billion annually is the cost of underestimating Minnesota’s foreign-born talent.

We have a state wide opportunity to:

  • Increase our social safety net for foreign-born Minnesotans
  • Narrow the 500,000-worker gap
  • Fill 60% of 213,000 professional job postings
  • Make meaningful strides in social justice, equality, and equity
  • End the brain drain caused by talented People of Color leaving our state

Thank you to the Department of Employment and Economic Development, Greater MSP, Wilder Research and RealTime Talent for their ground breaking research.

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