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What We Do

Our Unique Process

We have re-engineered the immigrant employment life cycle, which enables us to build skilled, robust and reliable talent pipelines.

Our subject matter experts work across the full continuum of the immigrant employment life cycle. We work with private and public partners to connect diverse, ready-now talent to best fit employers. We remove barriers that hinder successful employment by: matching skill sets and career interests to best fit jobs; remediating complex applicant tracking systems; partnering for creative transportation; determining the right mix of benefits; training new employees; managers and teams; and facilitating culture and change management.

Our process is unique because it systematically removes the barriers that exist across the entire life cycle, rather than focusing on one or two steps in the life cycle.

We serve all immigrants in the Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota region.

Our partners are organizations that span the immigrant employment life cycle, including:

  • Immigrant settlement and integration agencies
  • Community leaders focused on immigrant support
  • Foundations focused on immigrant support
  • Corporations from industries such as hospitality, retail, transportation and manufacturing
  • Human Resources information system vendors, applicant tracking system vendors and candidate assessment vendors

Learn more about our pilot to test the re engineered immigrant employment life cycle.

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